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Carnations, underrated and maligned, are actually one of my favorite floral fragrances. Not the mass produced carnations available in every florist shop and displayed in funeral arrangements across the country. Those carnations have been hybridized to be big and showy but most have no scent whatsoever, and if they do it's faint and rather stinky. I'm talking about old fashioned carnations like the ones my mother grew in her garden when I was growing up. At that tender young age I wasn't put off yet by the florist industry so my appreciation of them was pure.

I was approached recently by the floral industry giant, Teleflora. They were possibly interested in having a fragrance created to celebrate a new line of arrangements they were launching. At one time in my career I was a floral designer working for high end designers in New York City. We cringed at companies like Teleflora and FTD and the use of carnations in general. At first when I got the offer I wondered how I could reconcile my disdain for mass produced arrangements with the possibility of being hired to create a fragrance. Alas the job fell through almost as soon as it was offered but the challenge stayed with me. It became a quest to create the most beautiful carnation floral fragrance I could muster.

The result is Flora, a spicy, earthy floral with carnation at it's heart. Mitti, an Indian attar of sandalwood saturated in baked earth, is the foundation of the perfume. Warm vanilla absolute bonds with the vanilla notes in the carnations to bring it's sweetness all the way into the dry down. A touch of agarwood co2 and dark patchouli add darker and more tenacious nuances.

Clove bud absolute brings out the spiciness in the carnation which is sweetened just a bit with orange blossom concrete and apricot isolate. Wild lavender adds a floral aspect to the top with blood orange lending a touch of sweetness and linalool rich ho wood acts as a bright and warm invitation.

"Flora is a dusty, aromatic lavender in a haze of clove ciggie smoke. It opens with peach skin and spice. The heart is like a delicate, peachy green carnation smoothed by a soft, milky sandalwood and boozy vanilla. Flora dries down to a melange of close-wearing exotic, earthy woods." Victoria Jent, EauMG

"Flora evokes the kind of fairy that hovered around Juliet's bed just after Romeo left. Flora has Juliet feeling sultry and lustful, shimmering in that innocent radiance at its fullest when a maiden has found her naughtiest dreams come true." Victoria O.

Top notes: ho wood, wild lavender, blood orange
Heart notes: carnation absolute, clove bud absolute, apricot natural isolate, orange blossom concrete
Base notes: mitti attar, vanilla absolute, agarwood absolute, dark patchouli

20ml $85

1ml sample $10.00



Sol de la Foret

Sol de la Foret is a true labor of love. After falling head over heals with the fragrance family, fougere, I set out to make my own. To be a true fougere a perfume must contain a coumarin note, oakmoss and lavender. Coumarin was the first synthetic chemical created in a laboratory in 1886 and was the principal ingredient in Houbigant's Fougere Royale, since considered the industry standard. Coumarins are found in abundance in materials like tonka bean, sweet clover, flouve and deertongue. It is also found, rather surprisingly, in lavender.

For this creation I've used a generous amount of rich caramelic tonka bean. To give it a greener note I also added sweet clover, a new favorite of mine. Fossilized amber, a tree resin that is millions of years old from high in the Himalayan Mountains, is used to add a dry, smokey, leathery quality - as well as great fixation. Tobacco and Vanilla CO2 add some warmthe to the whole bottom. Following the rules of the true genre there is also oakmoss adding a wet roots and leaves note to the forrest floor. Those sensitive to oakmoss be warned.

At the heart of the perfume is a lovely synergy of carnation and lavender absolutes with a touch of clary sage concrete. Neroli and ho wood grace the top with just a drop of blood orange.

"Sol de la Foret opens with a cooling artemisia and lavender. It reminds me of absinthe and caramel. Fougeres are on a spectrum, varying from light to dark. Sol de la Foret is as dark as a forest during the new moon. The heart introduces a spicy, clove-like carnation floral with a musky sage, still retaining a balance of bitter and sweet. The dry-down radiates warmth with a dry oakmoss and hay - sweet and musky. Overall, the fragrance has a lush vintage feel and to me, this is absolutely gorgeous" Victoria Jent, EauMG

The fulcrum of lavender between sharp clary sage and dry floral carnation results in a perfect woody floral green balance that never waxes too flowery or too herbal. The dry down here was softer than I had ever osmagined it would be. Listing oak moss (evernia prunasti), sweet clover, tonka bean, fossilized resin, tobacco and vanilla CO2 extraction; this should have been some twisted gourmand sweet green overdose; yet it settled on my skin like a midsummer night’s dream. Plush and sweet, but never cloying, this really does radiate that same groovy warmth that comes from a forest around sunset. A golden glow, a warm breeze, wisps of cool moss swaying from sun kissed trunks all come together creating one very comfortable, and easy to wear, unisex dark and woody fougere.." John Reasinger,

Top notes: ho wood, Tunisian neroli, blood orange
Heart notes: carnation absolute, lavender absolute, clary sage concrete, orange blossom concrete
Base notes: tonka bean, sweet clover, oak moss, fossilized amber, tobacco, vanilla CO2

This perfume comes beautifully packaged in a gold box in a brown velvet envelope with a vintage velvet millinery leaf nestled inside. No markings of any kind have been made to the box or velvet envelope so that they may be reused (or regifted as the case may be) The leaf is your keepsake, that and the lingering fragrance.

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20ml $110

1ml sample $12.00



Midnight Garden

This perfume is a collaboration between myself and The Robert Allen Group to commemorate the launch of their newest fabric line, Midnight Garden. The fabric inspired vanilla orchids and oak moss with a heart of jasmine, neroli and honey. Petitgrain, wild sweet orange and coriander invite you into the mysteries and nuances of the garden.

Top notes: petitgrain, wild sweet orange, coriander CO2, lime
Heart notes: jasmine, neroli, honey
Base notes: vanilla, oakmoss, peru balsam

20 ml $55.00

1ml sample $8.00




This perfume is a collaboration between Julianne and Pam Grossman of Observatory Room and Phantasmaphile. The fragrance was created for the group art show, Lunation: Art on the Moon, at Observatory Room.

The Greek goddess, Artemis, who represents the new moon, is portrayed in this fragrance by the addition of wormwood (an artemesia) in the top note, supported by bergamot and petitgrain. Luminous Jasmine grandifolum forms the basis of the heart along with honey and rose, and sandalwood and frankincense form the base chord.

20ml $45.00

1ml sample $8.00




The result of a collaboration between Julianne and Rachelle Garniez based on the song "Tourmaline" by Rachelle on her cd, "Melusine Years". It is rich yet subtle, complicated yet refreshing with notes of tobacco, bitter orange, honey and fern.

Tourmaline is green, but it's not herbal or woody or oakmossy. A hay back note seems to be provided by the tobacco which veers sweet and leafy rather than dark and early. Tourmaline is a delicate floral, and its light honey infected, citrusy touch makes it a must-have in my collection." Trish at
Scent Hive

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20ml $45.00

1ml sample $8.00




In Greek mythology, the Elysian Fields were the gateway to Heaven. Rose, vanilla and orange peel scent this pathway to Nirvana. Elysium is a maceration, meaning that the roses were picked fresh and added to alcohol with freshly grated orange peel and vanilla pods. The mixture is allowed to age for a period of time and then strained off and filtered.

20ml $45.00

1ml sample $8.00




Aloft is a blend of cocoa, orris (derived from the iris root) & sustainable Australian sandalwood, which uses a method of extracting the oil that does not sacrifice whole, mature trees.  This combination provides a warm, supportive bottom note to the fragrance.  Gorgeous & exuberant middle notes of Indian jasmine concrete, essential oils of Tunisian neroli & coffee flower burst, then give way to the more subtle top notes of bergamot & black pepper.

20ml $45.00

1ml sample $8.00



Garden Walk

This fragrance is inspired by the flowers in Brownstone Brooklyn Garden District's 13th Annual Garden Walk. The tour includes 15 private gardens as well as several vibrant community gardens in the historical district of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Earthy notes such as orris root, ambrette and hay represent the fertile soil of these gardens, floral middle notes such as tuberose and neroli round it out and it ends with top notes of petitgrain and elemi. Even the bees are represented in this formula with the addition of honey absolute.

"Garden Walk begins with petigrain's citrusy topnotes and some earthiness from orris root, then shifts into the aforementioned floral heart. The grounded earth tones recede briefly in the middle, only to present themselves again in the form of hay, ambrette and a hint of honey absolute. This triad forms the foundation of Garden Walk which gives it that sunbaked sweetness of dried grass in a meadow full of wildflowers." Trish at
Scent Hive.

20ml $45.00

1ml sample $8.00



eau contraire

This perfume is inspired by the little contradictions in life that make it so interesting.

“Truth is perhaps...a dynamic comound of opposites, savage contraries for a moment conjoined: (A.Bartlett Giamatti).

This fragrance is from around the time I fell in love with tobacco absolute. Tobacco, vanilla and honeyVanilla, tobacco and honey mingle in counterpoint.

1/8 ounce $40.00

1ml sample $8.00



Amber Perfume Oil

After extensively researching amber I discovered that there is no real amber oil extracted from a plant. There is a pine tree in India that exudes a sap that a lot of it starts from, but then many processes occur and a proprietary blend of oils and macerations added to create amber in many forms. Some are crystalized in beezwax so a mere touch melts on the fingertips.

I've had a bottle of amber oil for many years that I bought from the Persian perfume vendors on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. I knew that it was probably adulterated with synthetic materials but I liked that warm velvety chord and couldn't be deprived. This year I made my own proprietary blend with absolutes and essential oils. I'm happy to have come up with a blend I can use in my perfumes without resorting to it's synthetic counterpart.

Absolutes and essential oils have been aged in jojoba oil and then filtered to create this perfume oil.

15ml $45.00

2ml sample $12.00



Botanical Colognes in More or Less
One of a Kind Vintage Bottles.



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Carmelite Water

This is an ancient formula conjured by Carmelite nuns at the Abbaye St. Juste for King Charles V of France in 1375. It is warm and spicy, infused with lemon, cinnamon and cloves.

4 ounces 45.00